Case Study

CDOX® Demonstration – Large-Scale Drinking Water Facility

Source: BlueInGreen

This brief memo will provide a snapshot of data and information from BlueInGreen’s most recent CDOX® success at a 120 MGD municipal water treatment plant in the Midwest.

The project involved replacement of an existing diffused carbon dioxide (CO2) addition system for the purpose of improved pH control in a recarbonation process. Facility owners and personnel desired a more efficient dissolution system that would provide tighter control over process pH levels – and ultimately save money on O&M costs associated with carbon dioxide usage.

BlueInGreen’s CDOX® technology was sought out for its highly efficient process for automatic pH control. BlueInGreen’s proprietary process makes it possible to deliver large quantities of gas in very small quantities of water – as much as 10 times less than the largest competitor. Because BlueInGreen provides a fully-integrated, skid-mounted system, the unit was installed by plant staff and BlueInGreen personnel with relatively little effort.