Case Study

Case Study Of Swan Turbiwell Quarterly Calibrated Unit Versus Quarterly Verified Unit

Source: Swan Analytical USA

By Shaun Sharrett and Randy Turner, Swan Analytical USA

This paper presents the field data collected over a twelve month period at a municipal surface water treatment plant employing traditional clarification and filtration.  The final effluent turbidity was monitored by the third party compliance turbidimeter, a Swan Turbiwell (Protocol Turbiwell) was calibrated quarterly just as the compliance turbidimeter, and a second Swan Turbiwell (Non-protocol Turbiwell) that was not calibrated.  The performance of each Turbiwell was verified weekly using a Swan secondary standard, Verification kit.  The data proves the Turbiwell does not need quarterly calibration which provides significant benefit and value to the end user by reducing operating and maintenance costs while providing accurate and reliable results.