Brochure | September 5, 2017

C3500™D/PS Packaged UV Wastewater Disinfection

Source: Calgon Carbon Corporation

Calgon Carbon UV Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures advanced wastewater ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection systems to prevent the spread of waterborne pathogens to lakes, streams, rivers and coastal water. UV is a proven, safe and environmentally friendly method of inactivating harmful organisms, including viruses, protozoa and bacteria.

The C3500D/PS UV System provides a pre-engineered, pre-packaged solution for communities needing to disinfect wastewater effluent under 2.6 million gallons per day (MGD) peak. The package system eliminates costly civil work for installation — the system can be easily connected from existing contact basins and channels by pipe runs to flanged inlet and outlet connections.