Brands You Know. Performance You Trust

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies


While the Evoqua name is new, the brands you know and the performance you trust are not. Evoqua continues a 100-year tradition of helping consulting engineers and municipalities respond to market needs and evolving water standards for new plants, upgrades and retrofits.

Evoqua provides process know-how and leading technology brands including Wallace & Tiernan®, MEMCOR®, Envirex®, Jet Tech, DAVCO™, RJ Environmental, and many more. We excel at biological processes, clarification, BioMag® and CoMag® high-rate magnetite ballasted treatment, energy minimizing wastewater treatment, odor control, UF membrane systems and disinfection.

High Performance Water & Wastewater Technologies

The BioMag® System is a magnetite ballasted biological treatment technology that improves plant performance while doubling capacity in the same footprint.  It can be used as an alternative to more costly MBR systems.

The CoMag® system is a magnetite ballasted treatment technology that can be used in tertiary or drinking water applications.  It can achieve TP<0.05 mg/l="" without="" adding="">

The CoMag® System
The MEMCOR® CP II UF Membrane System is the latest advance in membrane technology.  It includes an enhanced membrane and module in a new design that allows for easy plug and play installation, uninhibited access to the modules, and less backwashing time, all in an industry leading footpring.

The Captivator™ System is an important step toward a net zero energy consuming wastewater plant.  It captures BOD that otherwise requires aeration energy to treat and convert biogas.  In an anerobic plant, up to 40% more biogas is generated, p to 40% less aeration energy is required, and up to 20% footprint and capital cost savings is possible.

Retroft, Rehab, and Upgrade Solutions that increase performance in existing footprints are important ways that Evoqua translates an industry leading installation and technology base into improved performance and savings. 

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