Biogas Collection Covers

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Biogas Collection Covers

Geomembrane Technologies™ brand gas collection covers collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion systems. Custom-designed for tanks and lagoons of all sizes, the covers are gastight to contain odors and protect biogas from contamination. In waste-to-energy projects, the collected methane gas can be used as a renewable fuel to generate process heat or electricity, helping offset energy costs.

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Geomembrane Technologies™ brand gas collection covers are designed to:

  • Collect biogas to be converted into green energy
  • Control odors
  • Lower operating costs
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Allow access for sampling and maintenance

Built to withstand tough conditions, Geomembrane Technologies™ brand covers are fabricated with strong, long-lasting materials to resist tears, punctures, chemicals, and UV rays.

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