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10.07.21 -- Biden Reversing Trump-Era Environmental Actions; WEFTEC 2021 Preview, Vol. 2


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Duron UV System
WEDECO is well-known for developing efficient UV disinfection solutions for nearly 40 years. Vertically arranged UV lamps have been used successfully for a long time for drinking water disinfection. Conventional wastewater treatment is not sufficient to meet the ever-decreasing discharge limits.
WEDECO -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
When It’s Time For Wastewater UV Upgrades

Disinfection is a crucial stage in municipal wastewater treatment. It’s necessary for eliminating pathogens and keeping the public safe, and usually that means turning to ultraviolet (UV) treatment. But when it’s time to adapt a plant to the latest UV equipment, some facilities or municipalities may hesitate.

Trojan Technologies | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 816
Seres Topaz Analyzer Series
Online water analyzer for the automatic monitoring of a variety of parameters, offering single-parameter monitoring of aluminum, ammonium, chlorides, color, total iron, chemical oxygen demand (COD), phenol, total hardness, and alkalinity in different applications.
Swan Analytical USA | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1621
PISTA VIO Variable Inlet And Outlet Grit Removal System

The PISTA VIO Grit Removal System provides unprecedented application flexibility and superior grit removal efficiencies with a design that allows for full variability of the inlet and outlet channels. PISTA VIO features a hydraulic vortex grit chamber design that utilizes a new baffle system.

Smith & Loveless, Inc. | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1648
Digital Pressure Monitor

The Sanitaire DPM maximizes diffuser operation and increases energy savings through strategic fine-bubble aeration system monitoring and intelligence. The solution offers users an enhanced digital interface that provides diffuser health data, engineering and economic calculations, and asset management recommendations.

Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
How To Gain An Affordable Grasp Of Water’s Digital Transformation
Water industry press naturally cover the broadest and brightest promises of the digital revolution. Unfortunately, that big-picture view can often intimidate or mislead small and midsize utilities that interpret it as demanding a large investment in order to reap the benefits. Here are some insights into how utilities of any size can affordably harness the value of timely digital data from their distribution systems.
Mueller Water Products | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 2034
Actuating Chlorine And Sulfur Dioxide Safety

Drinking water and wastewater treatment operators are in a hazardous line of work. Beyond the large, complicated machinery they rely on, the use of chlorine and sulfur dioxide is a regular part of operations, two chemicals that can prove dangerous if not handled properly.

JCS Industries Inc. | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 2820
Digital Transformation In The Water Sector

Industry leaders across the water sector from Innovyze, Amazon Web Services, Houston Water, and the former director of the Environmental Protection Agency recently came together to share their insights on how digital transformation is rapidly evolving throughout the industry and creating significant opportunities for water utilities. 

Innovyze | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 3206
Permanent Backup Pump Solution Designed To Prevent Another Overflow In Jonesborough
In spring 2016, a significant rain event sent the Jonesborough Wastewater Department, in Tennessee, back to the drawing board. Despite upgrades to the Jonesborough wastewater treatment plant in 2014, and a reduction in inflow and infiltration (I&I) in 2015, the rain event in 2016 caused overflows at the pump station located in the plant.
Godwin -- A Xylem Brand | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 1808
Smooth Sailing At Bloomington/Normal Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant
When the Bloomington-Normal Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant won a 2018 Plant of the Year award from the Illinois Association of Water Pollution Control Operators, team members were ecstatic. Randy Stein, executive director and sports fan, likened it to winning the “Stanley Cup of wastewater.” On its way to the award (in Group 1 for plants larger than 7.5 MGD), the plant racked up 12 consecutive Gold Peak Performance Awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.
GE Digital | WEFTEC 2021 Booth 3105