Beyond AMI: The Power Of Analytics In Water Distribution Systems


With ever more sophisticated metering systems and software, utilities are racing to gain data-driven insights about their network beyond the traditional consumption metrics for billing purposes. As Christine Scorza, Senior Director of Product Management Software for Aclara explains in this Water Online interview, revenue assurance, leak detection, and even meter right-sizing have all become possible beyond billing with the advancement of sensors, big data storage and analytics in the water industry.

Having completed a number of acquisitions over the past years, Aclara has been intricately packaging software and systems together to provide its customers with a single experience branded Aclara One. Based on a centralized data analytics engine, Aclara One delivers different information to different stakeholders on an as needed basis, whether that be the customer service rep serving the utility’s customers or the technician servicing a meter in the meter shop.

To learn more about the features of Aclara One and some of trends being seen in distribution systems, listen here:

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