White Paper

Automated Wireless Monitoring Of Wastewater Collection Systems

Source: Trimble Water
Automated Wireless Monitoring Of  Wastewater Collection Systems

Trimble Telog offers a comprehensive remote monitoring system, Telogers, for wastewater collection system operators. Telogers provides an automated system of collecting, archiving, analyzing, presenting, reporting and sharing data from collection system remote assets such as flow meters, rain gauges, CSO/SSO surcharge sensors, lift stations, pretreatment water quality, air quality, and pressure sensors. This document describes the Telogers system and addresses specific application solutions for collection system operators. Key benefits of the Telogers system include:

  • remote site real-time data
  • common data platform for all collection system parameters
  • alarm notification and alarm forwarding management
  • choice of communication technologies
  • compatibility with proprietary flow meters
  • battery, solar or line powered remote site RTUs
  • system scalability
  • automated operation
  • open database for 3rd party sharing     
  • low procurement and lifetime operating cost of ownership.

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