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Atlas Copco Celebrates 5 Years Of Pioneering Energy Efficient Blower Technology

Source: Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique
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Antwerp, Belgium, May 05, 2014: The energy efficient ZS screw blower, which is used in many air blowing application, is celebrating its 5th year of production.

With the ZS screw blower, Atlas Copco has a comprehensive offering for pressures between 300mbar up to 1200mbar and for flows from 100m3/hr to 9100 m3/hr. Over the last five years, many customers across different applications have benefitted from this energy efficient technology.

Atlas Copco was so convinced on the performance of the ZS screw blower that shortly after launching it in 2009, they independently tested it against a tri-lobe blower by the Technische Überwachungs-Verein (German Technical Monitoring Association, or TÜV), according to the international standard ISO 1217, edition 4. It was proven that the ZS is 23,8 %  more energy-efficient than a tri-lobe blower at 0,5 bar(e)/7 psig, and 39,7 percent at 0,9 bar(e)/13 psig.  The efficiency of the ZS is mainly attributed to the superior screw technology. Other features that secure increased efficiency and reliability are the integrated gearbox, the oil system and the innovative package design that integrates all individual components into a plug-and-run solution.

Industries and applications such as wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, power generation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pulp & paper, textiles, cement, and general manufacturing have already benefited from energy savings by replacing the conventional lobe with the screw technology.

In a typical biological wastewater treatment plant, the aeration blower system accounts for up to 70 % of the energy usage. Today the majority of these plants use less efficient lobe technology. By reducing the energy usage of their aeration blower system, these plants will decrease their energy costs while operating in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Atlas Copco continuously innovates to ensure sustainable productivity for its customers because they understand their  growing needs and changing trends.  Also by investing into Houston Service Industries with their range of energy efficient high speed turbo blowers  in 2012, Atlas Copco is focused to continuously find solutions for reducing the energy costs for its global customers with low pressure applications.

Since the launch of the first ZS blower, Atlas Copco has continued to invest in the technology and now carries the largest range in the market with flows from 100m3/hr to 9100m3/hr and has a large installed base globally supported by its aftermarket team.

Energy-efficient and reliable technology
Conrad Latham, Vice President, Marketing of Atlas Copco’s Oil-free Air Division adds: “At Atlas Copco, we strive to develop products and services with a total  life-cycle cost in mind.  Seen over the entire life cycle of a product, the energy consumption makes the most significant impact. Therefore, we are focused on reducing the energy consumption of all our products and increasing profitability of our customers. The ZS screw blower is a perfect example of how we are able to use more than 140 years of product and application knowledge to develop a truly pioneering blower technology.”

About Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. The Group serves customers with innovative compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. Atlas Copco develops products and service focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.  The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 180 countries. In 2013, Atlas Copco had revenues of BSEK 84 (BEUR 9.7) and more than 40 000 employees.

About Oil-free Air
Oil-free Air is a division within Atlas Copco's Compressor Technique business area. It develops, manufactures, and markets worldwide oil-free and oil-injected air and gas compressors combined with air and gas treatment systems. The division focuses on sustainable solutions for all kind of industries where the gas quality is critical to the production processes. The divisional headquarters is located in Shanghai, China, and the production centers are in Antwerp, Belgium; Wuxi, China; Pune, India and São Paulo, Brazil.

SOURCE: Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique

Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique