Datasheet | May 4, 2012

AquaView 1.60 SCADA System Datasheet

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

AquaView is a complete SCADA software specifically developed for wastewater transport. Expansion capabilities include your entire water and wastewater networks.

AquaView is designed to work in a network environment, with or without a single computer acting as a file server. In a small system (less than 5 workstations), a Windows Network without a special server may be used. If more users or a large number of RTUs are connected to the system, it is better to use a dedicated SQL server over a local area network for efficient access.

AquaView can also use a network connection over an ordinary telephone line using a standard modem.

AquaView is flexible enough to handle many types of user access, from small stand-alone solutions to large network applications.