News | September 16, 2019

Aqua-Aerobic Introduces The OxyStar® Aspirating Aerator

OxyStar Aspirating Aerators

An Addition to Aqua-Aerobic Systems’ Aerator and Mixer Portfolio

Aqua-Aerobic Systems announces the release of the OxyStar® aspirating aerator to their portfolio of aeration and mixing products, which includes the Aqua-Jet® Surface Aerator, AquaDDM® Direct Drive Mixer, and OxyMix® Pure Oxygen Mixer.

Invented in 1965, the OxyStar aerator has been the leading aspirating aeration technology for over 50 years, and has effectively aerated and mixed over 4,000 wastewater treatment systems across the globe.

Prized for its efficient oxygen transfer and intense directional mixing pattern, which results from its carefully engineered three-blade helical propeller, the OxyStar aspirating aerator is an excellent solution to improve aeration systems in aerated lagoons, oxidation ditches and other activated sludge processes, equalization basins, and aerobic digesters.

Like the Aqua-Jet surface aerator and AquaDDM direct drive mixer, the OxyStar aspirating aerator is a highly adaptable, flexible technology with several mounting options that can be installed in almost any basin geometry or configuration. It can be mounted to the side of a wall or bridge in order to provide easy access to the equipment, or installed on a floatation assembly that allows the unit to accommodate a changing water level. No matter the type of mount used, the OxyStar aspirating aerator can be installed completely online, without needing to dewater the basin, in existing infrastructure, with tools no more specialized than a crane, hammer drill, and concrete anchor bolts! This low cost-to-install makes the OxyStar aspirating aerator the ideal solution to replace alternative, under-performing aeration technologies in existing wastewater treatment systems.

What truly sets the OxyStar aspirating aerator apart from other technologies is the robust quality and minimal maintenance required, leading to a long equipment lifetime. Consisting of only four moving parts, routine maintenance typically takes only a handful of hours per year. Additionally, all routine maintenance can be conducted completely from the surface – as there are no submerged bearings, bushings, or seals that need to be maintained or replaced. 

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems has been a leader in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment and systems for both industrial and municipal markets, worldwide, since 1969. Its treatment solutions include aeration and mixing, biological processes, filtration systems, disinfection systems, membranes and aftermarket products.  The company’s technologies meet or exceed the most stringent effluent requirements of today and are designed to accommodate changing effluent demands of tomorrow. 

Source: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.