News | January 29, 2013

An Optical Dissolved Oxygen System For Under $3000

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies
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Reliant Water Technologies is introducing a new Optical Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring and Control System that is priced under $3000, complete. This new digital system includes a stand-alone monitor/controller that will allow for normal DO monitoring in wastewater aeration basins and outfalls. The controller has analog and digital outputs, and incorporates a multiline, back lit digital display which continuously displays DO and temperature as well as active relay status. It also incorporates single button automatic calibration, programmable relays, isolated analog and digital outputs, 72 hour trend graph, sensor and analyzer selfdiagnostics.

The Reliant Water Model 24 optical sensor is housed in a stainless steel body and uses an RS-485 output that allows it to be utilized with the Reliant Model 2400 Analyzer/Controller, or the Model J-240 Communications Junction Box when the customer desires to utilize direct computer communications or SCADA control for monitoring and control of DO in his aeration process. The Model J-240 will accept the input of up to 4 sensors. Both DO and temperature are reported continuously.

If sensor self-cleaning is desired, the Reliant Water Model SCM self-cleaning module can be used. With this option the Model 24 sensor does not have to be touched for well over 6 months at a time.

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SOURCE: RELIANT Water Technologies