Datasheet | February 6, 2013

AMTAX™ sc Ammonia Analyzer Datasheet

Source: Hach

Hach AMTAX sc Ammonia Analyzers are available in four measurement ranges. Each range only needs a different set of reagents and selection of the desired range in the instrument menu.

With detection limits as low as 0.02 mg/L and as high as 1000 mg/L, the AMTAX sc Ammonia Analyzer can be used anywhere in the wastewater treatment process, from the influent or start of the nitrification process where ammonia levels are at their highest to the effluent where ammonia levels are at their lowest. In the lowest range it can also be used for drinking water applications.

Nutrient removal is a critical and sensitive process in wastewater treatment. Quick response is vital for optimal operation. The fast response time of only 5 minutes, including sample preparation and selection of the measurement interval, make the AMTAX sc Ammonia Analyzer the fastest responding ammonia analyzer on the market.