Amid Drought, Smart Meters Offer Relief

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
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Among Drought, Smart Meters Offer Relief

In a time of pervasive drought throughout the Western United States, combined with the relatively newfound ability to account for every ounce of water treated and distributed, it’s no surprise that huge emphasis has been placed on smart, data-savvy metering.

Following suit, there’s been recent demand in the water industry for smart meters that can record down to the smallest increments and be retrofitted to existing systems to aid conservation efforts. Demand for products like McCrometer’s FPI Mag flowmeter.

“It’s accurate down to about half a percent… and being an insertion meter, it actually gets installed right into the pipeline versus a standard full bore mag where the customer would have to cut a portion of the pipe out,” said Dan Hardin, a McCrometer regional sales manager, during an interview with Water Online Radio.

Hardin has seen success for the product all over the country, among utilities big and small, but particularly in the drought-plagued West.

“Every customer really wants to monitor that non-revenue water, whether they are big or small,” he said. “We are doing really well with it in places like California, Colorado, Wyoming, where there is a lot of drought… Every gallon that they clean and put into the water line and ship down for everybody to use, they want to make sure that they’re getting every ounce accounted for as it goes through the system. In California, that’s a critical issue.”

To hear more about how the FPI is being put to use in the West and beyond, tune in below.

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