AMI, Analytics, And The Smart City Evolution

Source: Itron

The global utility industry is at a technology tipping point, says Joe Ball, the director of product marketing for Water North America for Itron. In his interview with Water Online Radio, Ball talks innovation and how to provide ratepayers with the technology they want.

“Consumers are looking for more and more information these days, and the utilities are starting to turn towards technology and data to be able to deliver that,” says Ball in the interview. “Consumers are starting to request more so they can actually be engaged and be part of that decision making process.”

The Itron application, Itron Analytics, makes proving customers with the information they want easier by turning data into actionable intelligence. The technology provides the utility with the areas within their distribution grid to focus on, so they can make decisions that improve the service to their consumers.

This “smart” grid is only one piece of the “smart city evolution,” that is occurring nationwide. Itron’s AMI water solutions serve as the foundation of a smart city, deploying a multi-purpose network that different applications and devices can all participate in and be able to bring information back to a common place, explains Ball.

To learn more about “smart” technology click the link below to listen to the full Water Online Radio interview with Ball.

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