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AMERICAN/Ferguson Partnership Is Key Part Of First Water System For Russia, Ohio

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

By AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company


Changes in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations prompted the Village of Russia, Ohio, to put the question of whether to build a new water system in front of the voters. Eighty percent voted in favor of increasing taxes for the new system, which was completed in 2009. Previously, wells were the water source for the village.

The water tower holds 300,000 gallons, and the system consists of 33,000 feet of pipeline. It serves 250 residential customers and 10 commercial and industrial accounts. The new system cost $5.9 million. Russia put in $1 million in cash and utilized a $1 million grant. The balance of the cost is being paid through a low-rate, 30-year loan.

“I liked the configuration of the American-Darling hydrants. The spherical shape of the valve ball assembly and the ease of disassembly are important. One guy can work on the hydrant, and that’s good since we only have two people who work in the water system. I also like the self-draining system. The drains close fast, and that means there is less wash-out. I had never seen that system before.” —Mike Busse, Village of Russia Utilities Superintendent

“(Utilities Superintendent) Mike Busse took the time and put a lot of effort into learning about the AFC products. He knows as much or more about valves and hydrants than some managers in much larger utilities. That’s to be commended when you figure he’s also the police chief, and he wears a lot of other hats around Russia. It’s a good indication of how much he contributes to the community.” — David Tilley, Ferguson Sales Representative

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