Ductile iron pipe is now recognized as a SMaRT choice for infrastructure development. SMaRT Certified products are rated on product sustainability by the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability.

“Ductile iron pipe producers in the U.S., including AMERICAN Ductile Iron Pipe, are proud to be recognized as manufacturers of a sustainable product and to carry this designation on our pipe,” said Jerry Burns, division sales manager for AMERICAN.

Ductile iron pipe received the Sustainable Gold rating based on numerous criteria, including the following:

  • Public Health and Environmental Safety
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Reduction
  • Use of Recycled Materials
  • Reclamation, Sustainable Reuse and End-of-Life Management
  • Innovation in Manufacturing

Ductile iron pipe is a durable and environmentally-friendly product made from recycled scrap materials, with up to 95 percent recycled content. “With thousands of installations in more than 600 utilities providing continuous service for more than 100 years, it’s also a cost-effective material for water and wastewater infrastructure,” said Burns.

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