Alternative Treatment For Groundwater Wells

Source: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.
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AdEdge Water Technologies specializes in inorganic contaminant removal, relying on a variety of treatment technologies such as adsorption, coagulation, oxidation, filtration, RO and ion exchange. Rich Cavagnaro, CEO of AdEdge Water Technologies and Ronit Erlitzki, Director of Business and Product Development for the Company, recently joined Water Talk to discuss a biological treatment technology for groundwater wells.

“Let’s say you have four different contaminants:  iron, manganese, arsenic and ammonia. With a traditional approach, you would need at least two treatment stages, each one of them consuming chemicals and generating wastewater,” explained Erlitzki. “With ammonia, we can remove all four of these contaminants in one single treatment step without the use of a single drop of chlorine, providing big savings on operational costs.”

Cavagnaro and Erlitzki also discussed biottta, a treatment process for reducing nitrate and perchlorate which also demonstrates hexavalent chromium, VOCs, iron, manganese, and sulfide elimination in a single process.

Many communities can benefit from adopting such a solution over a more expensive legacy approach. To learn more about whether or not biological groundwater treatment could work for your next project, listen here:

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