Advancements In Flow Meter Technologies

Source: Blue-White Industries

Bill McDowell, Sales Engineer with Blue-White Industries, sat down with Water Online Radio at WEFTEC to update us on the various types of flow meters available today. His company offers several types of flow meters, and can help you determine which is right for your project.

One option are variable aerometers called Rota-meters which are very simple devices with a device that slides up and down. A downside is that abrasive and corrosive fluids can attack those internal devices, McDowell says.

Paddle wheel style flow meters are also an option, which are a type of turbine meter with a small paddle spinning inside the flow stream.

Blue-White manufactures ultrasonic meters as well, which have no moving parts, so nothing to wear out as nothing touches the fluid. The ultrasonic sound wave goes through the pipe wall from the outside. However, an ultrasonic sound wave has to be able to pass through the fluid and some fluids won’t allow that, or the signal may get blocked if there are a lot of particles in the flow stream.

In addition, Blue-White also manufactures peristaltic pumps which have tubing in them. They are two tubes together in one and this allows the use of smaller diameter tubes that are softer than others, McDowell said. Because it’s a smaller diameter tube, they are able to pump higher pressures with softer tubing, which extends the life of the tube because it’s not as brittle.

Click the radio player below to hear the full interview about the technologies Blue-White has to offer.

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