News | April 19, 2007

AdEdge Technologies Bayoxide® E33 Rated Top Performing Media In Recent SANDIA Pilot Test Report


Buford, GA - AdEdge Technologies, Inc. announces test results rating its Bayoxide® E33 media as the number one performing media in recent SANDIA National Labs Pilot Test at Socorro, N.M.

The report, prepared by SANDIA National Laboratories, documents the results of a pilot demonstration program at the Socorro Springs, N.M. site. Performance evaluations were made on five different adsorptive media with AdEdge Bayoxide E33 significantly outperforming all other media in the pilot tests. The pilot demonstration was a project of the Arsenic Water Technology Partnership program, a partnership between the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Research foundation, SNL and WERC (a consortium for environmental Education and Technology Development).

Adedge Technologies’ Bayoxide® E33 media is the industry standard for arsenic reduction. It reduces up to 99% of total arsenic, including both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V), and is also effective in reducing other heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, antimony and molybdenum. This revolutionary iron-based granular adsorption media has four to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption medias. Developed in the mid-nineties, this ferric oxide-based product has been successfully used in large-scale drinking water applications since 1999. The AD33 media is discardable when spent and requires no chemicals or regeneration. It has become the premier product of choice for small water treatment systems for reliable, cost-effective, proven reduction of arsenic.

“Today, pilot tests are an accepted method to estimate the performance of full scale treatment systems,” said Rich Cavagnoro, President, AdEdge Technologies. “The high adsorptive capacity of our Bayoxide E33 in full scale projects that AdEdge has installed for customers throughout North America reflects the SANDIA report findings. It’s good news for our customers and those seeking highly effective arsenic removal technology that results in lower long-term operating costs.”

SOURCE: AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.

AdEdge Water Technologies, LLC.