Brochure | March 11, 2013

STAR® ZoneScan Leak Detection System Brochure

Source: Aclara

The innovative STAR® ZoneScan combines Aclara’s two-way, fixed-network, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) with leak detection technology from Gutermann, yielding a powerful, efficient method of detecting water main leaks to help reduce non-revenue water.

This inventive combination of technologies identifies probable water-distribution system leaks with minimal operator involvement. Once leak-detection units are deployed, operators can select study parameters and analyze results at the utility office. No drive-by data collection or manual field correlation is required, and utilities can confidently dispatch repair crews to verify and fix leaks identified by the system.

When STAR ZoneScan is paired with a STAR Network AMI system, utilities can obtain snapshots of metered areas comparing water consumption to water production, and use that information to identify where STAR ZoneScan should be deployed for the greatest benefit. STAR ZoneScan leak detection can also be deployed as a stand-alone solution, providing a solid foundation on which to later build a STAR Network AMI system, with cost savings from proactive leak detection and repair helping to pay for it.