Aclara RF Network ZoneScan Solution

Source: Aclara

Find and fix leaks fast with the Aclara ZoneScan II leak-detection system. The industry’s leading, remotely correlated acoustic leak detection system cost-effectively identities small leaks before they become major problems, and will give you immediate insight into non-revenue water losses in your water distribution network.

The Aclara ZoneScan II system combines acoustic data loggers from Gutermann International with Aclara's advanced RF Network technology to provide fully integrated leak detection through fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Time-synchronized sound recordings are initiated through the ZoneScan II Meter Transmission Unit (MTU), which sends the resulting data back through fixed-network infrastructure to the utility for analysis, presentation, and notification. Web-based application software correlates the data between loggers and provides visual identification of high probability leak locations.


  • Pinpoint accuracy: Identify precise leak locations with correlated, time-synchronized sound recordings
  • Hands-off operation: Perform automated data collection with minimal attention by operators
  • Added value: Add leak detection easily to two-way Aclara RF Network AMI systems
  • Software and Analytics: Intuitive software with built-in leak detection and correlation algorithms identify and display leaks and can push notifications to key personnel
  • Easy Installation: Fitting in valve stacks, the ZoneScan II endpoint installs quickly in the field and is setup remotely from Aclara's head-end software
  • Rugged and reliable: Boasting a battery lifetime greater than 8 years and a fully encapsulated design, the ZoneScan II endpoint will operate maintenance free its entire lifetime
  • High Performance: Excellent RF performance makes the ZoneScan II suitable for adding to any Aclara RF deployment
  • System-wide Correlation: All MTUs are tightly time synchronized to each other allowing accurate correlation between all MTUs in the system
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Regular self-diagnostics and health-check reporting keeps the ZoneScan II operating at peak performance and quickly notifies operators of any issues
  • Pipe Material Compatibility: The ZoneScan II system works with pipes made of a range of materials including metal, concrete, and non-metallic types