Aclara RF Network 3400 Water MTU

Source: Aclara

The new 3400 On-Demand Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) for water uses the efficient, low-power, high performance two-way Aclara RF Network technology to transmit hourly, interval usage data to the utility. The MTU supports up to nine-digit registers and delivers time-stamped reads on a time-synchronized network, allowing for advanced water distribution management. Enhanced features such as on-demand reads, firmware over the air, on-board storage of readings, market leading security,meter-generated alarms and flags and remote shut-off valve control bring market-leading AMI capabilities to the Aclara RF Network.

Hourly, time-stamped reads from Aclara MTUs virtually eliminate estimated billing and errors, provide detailed water usage information, improve revenue management, and reduce customer service calls.

The 3400 family takes full advantage of the Aclara RF two-way network with enhanced features such as on-demand reads and firmware downloads over the air. Full market leading security – including AES 256 bit encryption - ensures that customer data is secure.


  • Detailed, hourly, time-stamped reads provide water consumption data for accurate billing and identifying anomalies such as leaks and meter tampering
  • The MTU transmits up to nine digits of meter-reading data guaranteeing the most accurate meter reads
  • Use of FCC licensed 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies improves propagation and reduces interference with other devices
  • On-demand reads give utilities complete control over access to consumption data
  • Two-way fixed network allows utilities to remotely update MTU configurations and push firmware upgrades
  • Flexible installation configurations to fit all meter locations
  • Time synchronization ensures a complete system read snapshot at a single point in time to reconcile the amount of water entering the system to the billable water consumed
  • Redundant readings transmissions and collection paths assures the highest read success rate in the industry
  • Battery powered MTUs and collectors means readings and collections continue even during power outages. Stored readings in the DCU are automatically uploaded to the head-end when power is restored, while readings stored in the MTU can be remotely recovered by request
  • A 20-year lithium-ion battery offers long-lasting performance
  • Market leading security for all communications including AES 256 encryption and authentication
  • Optional remote shutoff valve controlled over the network eliminates truck rolls and simplifies turn-on/turn-offs
  • Gain more insight into conditions at the meter through support for enhanced meter flags and alarms