Article | October 9, 2008

Fixed Network AMR: The Right Choice For The District Of Columbia

Source: Aclara

With over 90,000 meters delivering daily meter readings, the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) is reaping customer service and operational benefits beyond its original expectations. When fully deployed to the planned 125,000 meter points, this will represent the largest fixed network metering installation in the water industry to date.

Just over a year ago, WASA’s metering system didn’t exactly aide in improving the quality of life for some of its customers. In fact, it was often disruptive and a source of frustration. The reason: the metering system had reached its peak. Antiquated meters produced incorrect meter readings resulting in inaccurate bills. Meters in some locations were difficult to access, leading to estimated readings and billings. WASA also read and billed quarterly which didn’t allow for timely leak detection. In some cases, leaks went undiscovered for 90 days or longer. As a result, customers complained incessantly about inaccurate or high bills. And the extended response time to handle complaints led to even more frustration.