News | September 24, 2006

ABB Takes Videographic Recording Outside For Water & Wastewater Monitoring

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics
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New SM500F is World’s First Field-Mountable Videographic Recorder

Warminster, PA — The world’s first field mountable videographic data recorder has now arrived. ABB’s SM500F is a four-channel recorder that can be installed in even the most hostile environments, taking recording out of the control room and offering users localized access to operational data.

A choice of mounting options means the SM500F can be easily installed onto a panel, wall or pipe without the additional expense associated with the enclosures normally required to field mount a traditional videographic recorder. Its fully sealed IP66 and NEMA 4X enclosure provides full protection against water and dust ingress, making it ideal for hose-down and dirty applications found in the water & wastewater industry. The SM500F is ideal for any installation where local indication and recording of process conditions is needed. Typical applications include temperature and humidity monitoring, effluent monitoring and borehole abstraction.

A user-friendly display and interface means that setting up and using the SM500F can quickly be mastered. Front-mounted pushbuttons allow simple selection of data, which is presented in a user-friendly Windowsª environment. Set-up and commissioning is also straightforward, with menus presenting options for setting and fine-tuning operating parameters. Added support is provided by an extensive context sensitive online help feature.

When it comes to viewing data, the SM500F is available with a choice of either a color or monochrome display. Process data is presented in a choice of display formats, including chart, bar graph and digital indicator views. Historical logs also provide operators with access to alarm, totalizer and audit trail data. Process data and historical logs are securely archived to a removable SD card with capacity of up to 2Gb. For remote monitoring, the SM500F’s onboard web server provides operators with access to real-time data using the Microsoft Internet Explorer platform. The SM500F’s built-in Ethernet communications link enables historical data to be remotely downloaded to a PC for subsequent analysis via ABB’s DataManager software. This link also provides the ability to interface with a SCADA system using Modbus TCP protocol.

As with other members of the SM recorder series, the SM500F can send email notifications whenever an alarm occurs to ensure that any potential problems are promptly addressed. Users can also choose to receive email status reports at any time, providing a clearer overview of process conditions.

Another key feature is a clock synchronization function, which allows the SM500F to be synchronized with other installed SM recorders. Ensuring that all recorded data is stamped with the same times and dates regardless of its origin, this function makes it easier to identify potential causes when problems occur, enabling operators to accurately trace other events in the process that occurred at or around the same time.

A key benefit of the SM500F is its reduced cost of ownership compared to paper chart recorders. With no parts requiring replacement, the SM500F offers a much lower lifecycle cost than 1-2 pen paper chart devices traditionally used for these types of applications. For further cost savings, the SM500F is also available in a low cost monochrome version.

SOURCE: ABB Measurement & Analytics