Article | December 3, 2009

Article: ABB Flowmeters Help Cut Water Leaks By A Half Billion Gallons/Year In UK

Source: ABB Measurement & Analytics
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Electromagnetic flowmeters from ABB are playing a key role in cutting water leakage for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) in England, with reductions of 60% achieved at some sites. Leakage has already dropped by about 528 million (US) gallons per year across more than 1,500 MoD sites where C2C Services manages water and waste utility assets.

C2C Services is a consortium of Severn Trent Services and Costain. C2C provides water services to MoD sites in the North, East and Southeast of England, known as ‘Package C’. The 25-year £1 billion ($1.66 billion US) contract is part of Project Aquatrine, which transferred responsibility for MoD’s water services to three different contractors.

Mark Amor, C2C’s water resources manager, says that the AquaMaster magmeters from ABB have been central to the success of C2C’s leak reduction program. “We’ve used a targeted approach based on the availability of high quality data,” he says.