A More Precise Route For Chemical Feed Metering

Source: Blue-White Industries

In water treatment applications with varying flow rates, keeping chemical dosing rates in proportion is critical for minimizing chemical costs while still achieving optimum treatment levels. A new plastic-bodied ultrasound flow meter delivers high precision at extremely low flow rates — down to 0.15 gph (10 ml/minute), about one-third of the 0.50 gph rates offered by most other chemical flow meters. In this Water Talk discussion, Andrew Snyder of Blue-White Industries shares details of the technology breakthrough as a cost-effective solution for efficient chemical dosing in both drinking water and wastewater treatment. The meter is constructed with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polyetheretherkeytone (PEEK) materials for good chemical resistance, includes an NSF-61 listing for drinking water applications, and features a digital LED readout for high visibility of accurate readings.

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