News | July 24, 2019

A Digital Revolution Of Bulk Handling Processes With The Festo Motion Terminal

Source: Festo Corporation

The digitalization of the production world opens up a huge variety of completely new possibilities. Revolutionize your bulk handling processes now with the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM. But no need to fear revolutions – the Festo Motion Terminal raises pneumatic automation to a higher level. Software eliminates the contradiction between hardware standardization and flexibility in planning and operation. And that optimizes your processes and productivity.

Software apps make hardware standards more flexible
With the Motion Terminal, hardware and software can be separated and new functions can be realized with the help of apps. Whereas in the past many different components were needed to carry out numerous automation functions, such as different types of pilot or flow control valves, this can now all be done using just one single hardware platform. Intelligent sensors for control, regulation, diagnostics and self-learning algorithms eliminate the need for expensive additional components and reduce the effort for commissioning and retrofitting.

You can change the function and its parameters on the Motion Terminal 'at the touch of a button', because all functions are implemented decentrally with the help of apps. This also enables you to decentralize automation processes more easily and thus relieve the load on higher-level automation systems. Standard apps, for example, reduce the compressed air consumption of systems. Leakages can be precisely located and the time needed for retrofits can be significantly reduced. And, of course, the Motion Terminal also offers you the opportunity to digitize other process steps in your system too.

The bottom line: with the Festo Motion Terminal, you can digitize your bulk handling processes and reap the benefits in all phases of the system life cycle, i.e. project planning, commissioning and system operation. In addition, you can improve energy efficiency and use the integrated self-monitoring and predictive maintenance options to great benefit. And everything results in an improvement in productivity.

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Source: Festo Corporation