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05.29.08 — A Green Technology For Water Treatment -- Electrolysis


Degremont Technologies supplies high-performance equipment and systems for all stages of water and wastewater treatment. Municipalities and industries of all sizes rely on our expertise in emerging technology, engineering excellence and customer-driven solutions. Count on Degremont, known for its 100-year heritage of high-quality products.

Featured Articles
Electrolysis – A Green Technology For Water Treatment
The conventional drinking water disinfection methods, which have seen extensive use, include chlorine gas disinfection and chlorine solutions. The advantage of these methods is in the vast amount of experience gained over the years. However they do suffer from serious disadvantages, including the cost of the material, especially in liquid chlorine facilities, and the large investment required for protection and safety equipment in chlorine gas facilities besides the cost of material. Recent years have seen a rise in the importance of "green" technologies for protecting the environment and for decreasing the use of various chemicals. This article discusses the use of electrolysis as one of these technologies...

Case Study: Bringing Efficiency And New Confidence To BOD5 Analysis
BOD5 testing used to be a time-consuming and inefficient procedure for the Nacogdoches, TX, Wastewater Environmental Laboratory, requiring continuous instrument membrane replacements due to problems with instrument drift and slow measurements. With the adoption of new, breakthrough luminescent technology BOD5 testing for the lab has become more accurate and easier...

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Ecologic Analytics Opens An Integration Testing Lab, Completes Integration For New AMI Technologies
Eco-Tec Awarded Ultra Super Critical Boiler Water Treatment System Contract By Black & Veatch
Featured Products
Airmaster Aerator "TURBO X-TREME" Aeration
Each aerator is capable of producing 3.0 pounds of oxygen per nameplate horsepower per hour under normal conditions during aeration. Each 25 HP aerator is capable of pumping and mixing approximately 5,040,000 gallons per day under normal conditions and continuous operation.
Request additional information from Airmaster Aerator.

Small Community Arsenic Removal Systems
The Small Community Systems can process a flow rate up to 1,000 gallons per minute and work with varying arsenic concentrations. The Small Community Arsenic Removal System is made up of sealed polyglass tanks connected in series. The Systems are all engineered to work with the community's water chemistry and usage.
Request additional information from Aquatic Treatment Systems.

Hydroactive Polyurethane Grout No. F-370
Applied by injection, Grout No. F-370 is commonly specified to repair concrete walls, ceilings and floors. It is also recommended for use in tunnels, manholes, sewer lines, tanks, dikes, and dams.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

"UniScreen" Stormwater Treatment System
The "UniScreen" Stormwater Treatment System uses a proprietary screen insert to filter Stormwater. The "UniScreen" is a single-structure design available in manholes and vaults to adapt to various site conditions.
Download the product brochure for complete information.

The AquaTreat System
The AquaTreat System is for applications that require a small economical system to treat volumes from 50 to 500 GPD. Several models are available with various options.
Request additional information about this system from Meitler Consulting.

Vertical Wet Well Centrifugal Chopper Pumps
The Vaughan Vertical Wet Well chopper pump solves severe pumping problems for industries such as chemical, wood products, mining, steel, food processing and municipal.
Request additional information from Vaughan Company.

AdEdge AD26 Arsenic Removal Systems
These systems are ideal for eliminating nuisance parameters and improving overall water quality. The integrated oxidation and filtration technology utilizes a proprietary, highly active, NSF 61 Certified manganese dioxide media.
Download the product datasheet for complete specifications.

TERRAi HMI Suite Software
The TERRAi HMI (Human Machine Interface) Server Suite is a software package that offers end users, engineers and integrators the flexibility to manage their SCADA systems quickly and easily without exhaustive training.
Request additional information from Federal Signal.

The DELUMPER BAGSTATION is a pre-engineered bag dump system designed for unloading, deagglomerating, and freshening of lumpy bagged solids while efficiently introducing them into a production process.
Request additional information from Franklin Miller Inc.

Digital Terrain Model Software
With the DTM module the user can create perspective views, drape georeferenced images, obtain ground elevations automatically for nodes, cut cross sections for natural channels and view flooded results in 3-D.
Request additional information from XP Software.

STS Media Tanks
Lakos STS Media Tanks remove particles and floating debris, control build-up in tower basins and remote sumps, and help maintain optimum operating conditions for reduced maintenance, servicing, downtime, energy costs, water loss and chemical usage.
Download the product brochure for complete information.

THIOGUARD For Sewer Corrosion And Odor Control
THIOGUARD offers a safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible strategy for prolonging infrastructure life, managing odor, preventing plant upsets, improving treatment, and enhancing the quality of biosolids. Thioguard is a proven product for water conditioning in municipal wastewater treatment plants.
Request additional information from Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties.

Landlok Turf Reinforcement Mats
Landlok TRMs are perfect for moderate-flow storm water channels, banks and steep slopes where both immediate and long-term erosion control is needed. Featuring patented X3 fiber technology, TRMs trap more seed, soil and water in place than traditional hard armor products, for faster and fuller vegetation.
Request additional information from Propex.

GreaseStopper Automatic Grease Recovery/Removal Device
These grease recovery devices are designed for the removal and interception of large quantities of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) discharged from food service facilities and large commercial/institutional kitchens, which might interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of municipal wastewater.
Request additional information from Highland Tank.

DynaLift Membrane Reactor System
The Parkson DynaLift DynaLift Membrane Bioreactor System combines energy-efficient, airlift-assisted, ultra-filtration Norit X-Flow tubular membranes with a simple biological wastewater treatment plant to provide extremely high-quality effluent for beneficial reuse.
Request additional information from Parkson Corporation.

Flo-Gard Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator
The FloGard Dual-Vortex Hydrodynamic Separator provides enhanced gravity separation of suspended stormwater pollutants in a compact configuration. Particle settling or floatation is accelerated by centripetal forces induced by the tangential flow pattern augmented by a highly circuitous flow path.
Download the product datasheet for specifications.

S&N AIROFLO has developed and tested a new attached aeration growth treatment unit that can be used to upgrade lagoons to achieve more efficient nitrification.
Request additional information from S&N Airoflo, Inc.

Deionization Technology
Deionization is an ion-exchange process in which water flows through resin beds. In many applications, separate-bed deionization units precede mixed-bed deionizers in order to extend the life of the mixed bed and maximize the output of high-purity water.
Request additional information from Water & Power Technologies.

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Featured Downloads
Brochure: Slow Speed Mixers
Compared to dry-mounted mixers, submersible solutions offer greater flexibility and considerable savings in energy consumption for a wide range of mixing applications, such as solids suspension, bottom erosion, blending, circulation or destratification...

Datasheet: EnviroLastic AR520 PW
The Sherwin-Williams EnviroLastic AR520 PW is designed for use in immersion exposure as a seamless waterproof liner for large diameter pipe and tanks conveying potable water, fresh water, and salt water...

Datasheet: Model GC52 Rangeable Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter
The Ashcroft Model GC52 is a compact wet/wet differential pressure transmitter, ideal for flow and tank level applications where reliable, low DP measurements are required...

Brochure: Multi-Aspirator Self-Aspirating Submersible Aerator
The MTS Multi-Aspirator is a portable aerator designed for basins up to 28 feet in depth. This aerator features efficient oxygen transfer, low installation costs, excellent mixing and minimal noise levels...
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