• Multicore Turbo Blower Demonstration Project A Success In Kansas

    The City of Wichita wastewater utility was recently grappling with a difficult issue. In its updated permits, the State of Kansas imposed several nutrient limit targets — notably on nitrogen and phosphorus — that it knew the city would not be able to reach with the existing treatment systems. When issuing the permits, the state asked the city to optimize its operations to achieve those levels.

  • American Flow Control’s Semper™ Rpm With “Lift And Shift” Capability Helps Lowcountry Regional Water Resolve System Pressure Issues

    In the summer of 2020, the Lowcountry Regional Water System in Hampton, South Carolina, had a customer located in an industrial park report a low water pressure issue. The company was a commercial laundry that served the hospitality industry and provided linens to hotels around the Hilton Head area. The low water pressure issue was causing the company’s heat recovery system to work improperly shortly before the July 4 holiday. In its first use of the AMERICAN Flow Control SEMPER™ Remote Pressure Monitor (RPM), Lowcountry Regional Water System deployed two units to resolve the issue. One device was located on the water system’s side of the meter and the other device was placed inside the company’s building, where water enters the facility at the backflow preventer.

  • Self-Tuning System Provides Big Leap In DO Control For Maryland Wastewater Treatment Operation

    The City of Cumberland (MD) wastewater treatment plant could see wild swings in its dissolved oxygen (DO) levels until it replaced its air control system with Aerzen AERprocess, an intelligent airflow control system. Now, the city enjoys vastly improved DO control in individual zones and across the entire process, as well as significant savings on its energy bills.

  • Tapping Into Big Savings With More Accurate Polymer Measurement

    Polymers, especially flocculants and other thickeners, can be a major headache for drinking water and wastewater treatment plant managers. Power costs aside, buying polymer often represents the biggest expense of the treatment train. Not only are polymers pricey, but their high level of viscosity also presents a challenge to reliable measurement in varying conditions and at different levels of demand.

  • The Digital Transformation Of Water In Gandia

    Over the last two decades, the water industry has undergone a revolution that has shaken its business model to the very core. Utilities, which have traditionally been excluded from innovative solutions as a result of being tied into relatively long concession contracts, are now encountering growing demands from consumers and government to become more accountable for their services.

  • How To Design A Better Carbon-Filtration Solution

    Being forced to add carbon filtration in order to comply with drinking water and wastewater regulations or other extreme industrial filtration requirements is challenging enough. Worrying about performance limitations that the treatment process might impose only compounds the problem. Here is a look at how synthetic carbon technology makes it easier to design a better filtration medium tailored to the most challenging process demands.


Dan Keppen, Executive Director of the Family Farm Alliance, is a seasoned master of engaging diverse stakeholders in support of his cause. In our latest podcast, Dan discusses how to develop points of shared value with others and the importance of regular communications in building and informing a robust network.

Learn how Artificial Intelligence can create a complete Process Scheme for your custom wastewater treatment plant project by using Transcend Design Generator.

Take an in-depth look at Transcend Design Generator's P&ID process for a CAS (conventional activated sludge) wastewater treatment plant.

Melissa Meeker, CEO of The Water Tower, discusses her approach to embracing modern marketing channels to create a more collaborative and interactive union between vendors, utilities and the general public.

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Pump systems play a critical role in water and wastewater operations, but opportunities to improve their reliability and efficiency are overlooked. That often happens when designers or engineers fail to consider new demands placed on the system since installation or understand the benefits of available options. This free e-book takes a deep dive into the world of pumps, including everything from maximizing those opportunities to troubleshooting tips for common pump performance issues.

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