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  1. Silver Spring Networks Announces Enhanced Smart Water Solution

    Silver Spring Networks, Inc. recently announced an enhanced smart water solution for utilities which offer water service in combination with electric service to their customers.

  2. Johnson Foundation At Wingspread Releases Groundbreaking Report On U.S. Freshwater Crisis

    An unprecedented alliance of diverse stakeholders has worked tirelessly over the past six years to transform the way we use and consume water.

  3. Utilities Work To Go Off The Grid

    Some water utilities are working hard to become more energy efficient. 

  4. Siemens Introduces SITRANS LH100 Submersible Pressure Transmitter

    Siemens introduces the SITRANS LH100 submersible level transducer for use in hydrostatic level applications. The pressure transmitter measures the liquid levels in tanks, containers, channels and dams, mostly used within drinking and waste water applications.

  5. New Study Breaks Ground On Switchable Solvents

    A new study breaks ground on the separation of substances present in water. It may have implications for the development of sustainable technologies including more efficient water purification and desalination processes. 

  6. Recycled Water Becoming More Cost-Effective For Fracking

    Could technology make fracking wastewater less controversial? 

  7. Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts Select IDModeling’s Sedaru Business Analytics For Real-time Utility Intelligence

    IDModeling, Inc., a leading global provider of smart water network software and services, has been selected by Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts to deploy its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru.

  8. Kissimmee River Debate: Should Water Be Protected Or Utilized?

    The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) wants to tap the Kissimmee River, but environmentalists have concerns about this proposal. 

  9. Is California Keeping Well Water Secrets?

    Is California keeping secrets about the status of its water quality?

  10. Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions ‘Perk Filter’ Receives Approval From Virginia DEQ

    Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions’ “Perk Filter”, a stormwater media filtration device, received approval for use to meet the new water quality design requirements of the Virginia Stormwater Management Program by the State of Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) on September 4, 2014.

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