Current Headlines

  1. Austin Works To Incentivize Treated Wastewater Reuse

    Austin is trying to make treated wastewater reuse more widespread, but that means untangling policies that do not incentivize the practice.

  2. Algae May Help Clean Brewery Waste

    Wastewater is a problem for breweries. They incur major costs sending it to city treatment facilities, since brewery waste is brimming with chemicals and nutrients.

  3. Upgraded Device Monitors Threats To Unattended Water Treatment Operations

    Sensaphone has upgraded its 1800 monitoring system with a new keypad display and enhanced audio output.

  4. Landia Chopper Pumps Are A Safe Bet For FCPC Renewable Generation, LLC At Biodigester Plant

    Ten Landia Chopper Pumps in Milwaukee are playing a vital role in the success of the FCPC Renewable Generation, LLC’s (“FCPC RG, LLC”) Biodigester Plant. Greenfire Management Servics, LLC managed the development of the facility for FCPC RG, LLC, which is operated under contract by Natural Systems Utilities (NSU).

  5. Veolia Unveils Its Energy-Efficient Desalination Pilot Plant For Masdar In Abu Dhabi.

    Veolia, through its desalination specialist SIDEM, has been collaborating on Masdar’s ambitious Renewable Energy Water Desalination Program.

  6. APEX Hose Pumps Replace PC Pumps For Reliable Bentonite Pumping At South African Waterworks

    A major waterworks in South Africa is benefitting from the installation of Bredel APEX15 hose pumps from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group.

  7. NAWC Announces New Director Of Regulatory Relations

    The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) is pleased to announce that Grace Soderberg has been named as its new director of regulatory affairs.

  8. California Plans Nation’s Largest Recycled Water Supply Program

    Southern California is looking for ways to make better use of wastewater in what could become the largest recycled water supply program in the nation.

  9. Chesapeake Bay Pollution Policies Under Scrutiny

    It’s an important year for the future of nutrient policy on the Chesapeake Bay, since it’s the first time that states can report credits to the Bay Program.

  10. Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc., And METAWATER Co., Ltd., An International Company And Leading Supplier Of Advanced Water And Wastewater Treatment Solutions, Announce Merger Under METAWATER USA

    Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. and METAWATER Co., Ltd. formally announced to their employees and shareholders a merger agreement. The merger will place Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc., including its subsidiary, Mecana Umwelttechnik (Reichenburg, Switzerland) under METAWATER USA, INC., (hereinafter referred to as MUSA), the company’s U.S. subsidiary with current operations in Rutherford, NJ.