Current Headlines

  1. After 10 Years, Pipe Leaking Millions Of Gallons Finally Fixed

    After leaking millions of gallons of water per month for a decade, a pipe in the town of Cherokee, AL, is finally being repaired.

  2. Atlanta Faces Whistleblower Suits From Water Employees

    A woman is taking Atlanta to court claiming she was fired from a city position for blowing the whistle about practices that could potentially contaminate city drinking water.

  3. Oil Wastewater Ponds Under Scrutiny

    Regulators in California are looking for a way to crack down on wastewater ponds formed during oil production.

  4. Drunk Water Operator Leaves Town Without Water

    A water plant operator is facing disciplinary action after leaving residents without water during an entire weekend in October because he was too drunk to open the plant.

  5. Colorado Unveils Ambitious Water Plans With Funding Questions

    Last year, Governor John Hickenlooper unveiled the first draft of a sweeping plan for the future of water management in Colorado, where shortfalls are expected to hit by 2050.

  6. Las Vegas Utility Manager Who Poisoned Kids Has Been Demoted

    The Nevada agency that oversees drinking water facilities has completed its investigation of a utility manager who poisoned children’s water, and it now appears the man will no longer oversee drinking water for the city.

  7. Urban Trees Provide Pollution Solution

    Urban environments Down Under aren’t all that different than those in the United States. They also struggle with contaminated water running off and causing pollution. In response, cities often use natural landscapes of soil, grasses, and trees. These biofiltration systems capture and filter the runoff.

  8. NJ May Cut Red Tape For Waste Facilities

    New Jersey environmental regulators are working to ease burdens on the wastewater sector by eliminating certain reporting requirements for localities.

  9. Water Utilities Shoulder Burden Of Nitrate Pollution

    The agriculture industry is responsible for putting nitrates in the water supply, but water utilities shoulder the burden of billing customers for the cleanup.

  10. Industrial Agitator Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2015 - 2021

    Industrial agitators serve the purpose of mixing two or more materials in various proportions and also of different viscosity to attain a desired level of uniformity in end products. Industrial agitators primarily serve various mixing application needs in manufacturing industries including chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverages among others.