Current Headlines

  1. How Small Communities Fund Big Infrastructure Projects

    Tap water infrastructure is among the biggest and most challenging expenses for small and medium-sized communities. Just ask James Wright, a public authority CEO in New York.

  2. New Jersey Turns To Oysters For Pollution Help

    New Jersey residents may order up another round of oysters. The state is considering the possibility of allying with these tiny creatures in the fight against water pollution.

  3. Man-Eating Sinkholes And Other Florida Water Shortage Crises

    A sinkhole that took the life of a Florida man two years ago appears to have reopened over the summer.

  4. South Carolina Flood Highlights Stormwater Management Issues

    Historic flooding in South Carolina over the weekend highlighted one of the most challenging facets of municipal water management: stormwater control.

  5. Danfoss: Solutions Ready To meet Global Water Challenges

    As the world population rises and people pursue higher standards of living, more water is needed in homes and for production of food and products.

  6. Padre Dam Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project Incorporates Online THM Instrument To Monitor Free Chlorine Use For Potable Reuse

    Padre Dam Municipal Water District in Santee, California has installed the THM-100 online trihalomethane (THM) monitor from Aqua Metrology Systems to provide real-time data on disinfection by-product (DBP) formation, aid the utility in evaluating their innovative free chlorine disinfection strategy, and ensure the safety of potable reuse water being used produced at their Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project.

  7. EPA Recognizes WaterSense 2015 Partners Of The Year

    Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized the 2015 WaterSense award winners for creating, rebating, communicating and educating consumers about WaterSense-labeled products, homes and programs.

  8. Michigan Governor Recommends Flint Reconnect To Detroit Water To End Lead Contamination Crisis

    In the wake of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s recommendation that the City of Flint reconnect to the Detroit water system to stem its lead-contamination woes, leaders from the ACLU of Michigan and the Natural Resources Defense Council recently urged federal, state, and local governments to take additional steps to not only solve the current problem in Flint but to prevent future crises.

  9. Weisermazars LLP 2015 U.S. Water Industry Outlook Finds Technology Investments Key To Addressing Infrastructure, Operating Costs And Regulatory Issues

    Investment in technology is critical for the nation’s water industry as it strives to address aging infrastructure, reduce operating costs and comply with regulatory issues.

  10. California Considers $1 Billion Direct Potable Reuse Plant

    Water officials in California are laying plans for what may become the largest direct potable reuse program in the world.