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  1. U.S. Aeration Energy Guzzlers Identified In Wastewater Report

    A report into Low Energy Wastewater Treatment, compiled by BlueTech Research, reveals that in the U.S. municipal WWTP market, two-thirds of the aeration energy consumption associated with conventional activated sludge (CAS) can be attributed to just 4 percent of the plants.

  2. Philadelphia Struggles With Water Main Breaks

    The need for Philadelphia to update its water infrastructure is never more apparent than in the winter.

  3. Solution To Water Scarcity Sought At Molecular Level

    University researchers are increasingly interested in molecular engineering as an antidote to water scarcity.

  4. Reusing Produced Water To Irrigate Crops

    A group in Kern County, CA, is working on a project that would expand the amount of produced water reused to irrigate crops.

  5. American Water Joins ino3W As Exclusive U.S. Partner

    American Water , the nation’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, announced recently that it is the exclusive U.S. partner to enter into ino3W, a global water technology validation accelerator.

  6. Natural Breakdown Of Petroleum Underground Can Lace Arsenic Into Groundwater

    In a long-term field study, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Virginia Tech scientists have found that changes in geochemistry from the natural breakdown of petroleum hydrocarbons underground can promote the chemical release (mobilization) of naturally occurring arsenic into groundwater.

  7. Modern Water Installs First Microtox Continuous Toxicity Monitor In The USA

    Modern Water plc, the owner of leading water technologies for the production of fresh water and monitoring of water quality, has recently launched an updated continuous toxicity monitor using its well-known Microtox technology.

  8. IDE Technologies Expands To Texas, Brings On Local Water Industry Expert And Opens Austin Office

    IDE Technologies recently announced its expansion in the U.S. with its new office in Texas and a new appointment experienced in Texas’ water challenges. Mark Ellison, joining IDE as a regional director of sales, brings years of management and economic development experience in the water industry.


  9. AWWA Board Of Directors Selects Jeanne Bennett-Bailey Of Fairfax, Va. As President-Elect

    The American Water Works Association Board of Directors recently elected Jeanne Bennett-Bailey of Fairfax, Va. as the association’s next president-elect and chose four new vice presidents and one new director-at-large.

  10. Purple Pipes Vs. Indirect Potable Reuse

    Which is more essential to San Diego's water future: purple pipes or indirect potable reuse?

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