Current Headlines

  1. Dilution: Cost-Saver For Waste Utilities?

    A town in Massachusetts is hoping dilution via tidal discharge is a technique that could curb costs at its wastewater treatment facility.

  2. Intersex Fish Found In Protected Waters

    Researchers are finding that even in some of the cleanest waters in the U.S., pollution appears to be altering the sex functions of fish and making them intersex, a condition that hinders reproduction.

  3. Utility 'Drought Shames' The Wrong Consumers

    Utility officials in California apologized last month after publicly accusing customers of using more water than they actually had consumed.

  4. Louisiana Town Deals With 'Vomit' Tap Water

    Residents of a small town in Louisiana are horrified by what’s coming out of their faucets.

  5. Guiding Principles For Securing Our Water Future

    The current crisis in Flint, Michigan is a stark reminder of the essential value of water and the role of water infrastructure in protecting the health and well-being of all people.

  6. UV Technology Group Names New Leadership

    The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) installed Dr. Kati Bell, the MWH Water Reuse Global Practice Leader, as the group’s new President at the biennial IUVA World Congress, February 1-3 in Vancouver, Canada.

  7. Flint, The Sequel? High Lead Levels Plague Ohio Village

    Flint was thrust into the national news this year over a lead contamination crisis that is taking a toll on public health. But the Michigan city is not alone.

  8. Wastewater Injection Connected To Earthquakes In Oklahoma

    Oklahoma has become a destination spot for wastewater injection services.

  9. Bell & Gossett Announces The Release Of The TechnoForce e-HV

    The TechnoForce e-HV by Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, is a pre-engineered pressure booster package, and the newest addition to B&G’s POWER OF e portfolio.

  10. Ovivo Awarded A Major Ultrapure And Wastewater Project Worth Over $20M In The United States

    Ovivo Inc. (“Ovivo”) has been awarded a major contract in the U.S. Electronics market worth over $20M Canadian with a renowned global semiconductor manufacturer.