Current Headlines

  1. Florida Sinkhole Leaks 200 Million Gallons Of Contaminated Wastewater

    A sinkhole opened up beneath a storage pond in Mulberry, FL late last month andmore than 200million gallons of contaminated wastewater from a fertilizer plant leaked into one of the state’s main sources for drinking water.

  2. Amid Drought, Connecticut Water Utilities On Alert For Cyanotoxins

    Water utility officials in Connecticut are on high alert for cyanotoxins as they contend with the effects of a serious drought.

  3. Trump, Clinton Debate Water Rule

    The divisive water rule proposed by federal agencies under the Obama administration is making a splash in the presidential campaign.

  4. Senator Pans EPA Rule As Threat To Municipalities, Water Utilities

    An influential U.S. senator is calling on Congress to block a rule proposed by federal agencies that he frames as posing a threat to water utilities.

  5. After Years Of Testing, Water Plant May Make History

    Rialto’s West Valley Water District in California will soon make environmental cleanup history. After years of testing, the district has developed a way to clean up contaminated groundwater in the Colton-Rialto water basin and send it directly to consumers.

  6. Student Blows Whistle On 'Urine Water,' Gets Suspended

    A student from a Detroit suburb drew attention to potential water contamination at her high school this month. Instead of commending her blowing the whistle, administrators promptly suspended her.

  7. After Death Of Workers, Water Company Finds Itself Held Accountable Once More

    The same company that is being sued for the deaths of two men at a wastewater treatment facility has found itself in hot water for some of the same safety violations.

  8. This Device Detects Chemicals On The Cheap, Researchers Claim

    Researchers claim they have developed a device that can help utilities test water quality in situ at a lower cost than devices currently in use.

  9. Michigan Changes Rules To Block Lawsuit Over Flint Water Contamination

    Michigan made a rule change that will prevent Flint from suing the state over the lead-contamination crisis that has drawn criticism for officials at every level of government.

  10. Nestlé Waters North America Partners With Imagine H2O To Support Water Innovation

    Nestlé Waters North America recently announced that it is partnering with Imagine H2O (IH2O), the water innovation accelerator, to help provide entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility needed to launch and scale water solutions.