Current Headlines

  1. Sentencing Held After Man Drowned At Waste Treatment Facility

    Ronald Arthur Watts drowned in a pond full of fecal matter at an Australian wastewater treatment facility two years ago. This month, his employer was held responsible.

  2. ‘Ghostbusters’ Foam Bubbles From Utah Sewers

    A small Utah town has a sewer problem that looks like it came from a Hollywood set.

  3. Benzene In Water Debated In Florida

    Benzene is at the center of policy dispute in Florida, where officials are considering a revamp of water-quality rules for the first time in decades.

  4. Sewage Is Now A Commodity Cities Fight Over

    Two California cities are at odds over who gets to control a big bunch of sewage.

  5. Yellowstone Grapples With High Arsenic Levels In ‘Old Faithful’ Water Supply

    Tests have indicated that the famous “Old Faithful” water system geyser in Jackson, WY, has “slightly elevated” levels of arsenic which could taint the drinking water supply.

  6. Researchers Claim New Tech Will Cut Nitrogen In Groundwater

    An emerging technology may significantly cut nitrogen released into groundwater by residential septic systems, helping protect waterways from algal blooms as water managers across the country struggle against toxic algae crises.

  7. Did Donald Trump Sidestep Manhattan Sewage Standards?

    The Republican presidential nominee has a track record on sewage issues, although it is almost never discussed in the campaign.

  8. Cali Regulator: Water Utilities Faces An “Unforgiving” Environment

    The water business faces systemic pressures that have created an “unforgiving new landscape” for utility managers, according to Max Gomberg, the water conservation and climate change manager at the California Water Resources Control Board, in an analysis piece published by News Deeply.

  9. Former Brooklyn DEP Workers Say City Has Lied About Water Quality

    New York City has become the latest scene of controversy over water quality reports.

  10. Water Companies Turning To New Tank Design

    The UK water industry is embracing an innovative tank manufacturing system, following its validation by the Achilles Utility Sector supply-chain management company.