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Your toughest analytical challenges are solved with Rosemount Analytical.
Whatever your goal – reduce installation and maintenance costs, maximize up-time, protect your plant and personnel, or improve process quality – Emerson offers a complete range of innovative analytical solutions to maximize performance, productivity and profitability.

T56 Clarity® II Turbidimeter   1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter   SMART pH Sensors And Instruments For Plug And Play Use
T56 Clarity® II Turbidimeter   1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter   SMART pH Sensors And Instruments For Plug And Play Use



Desalination Of Sea Water Desalination Of Sea Water
Desalination is the name given to processes that remove salt from water
CT2211 Leak Detection System CT2211 Leak Detection System

The European Commission’s Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) legislation (UN ADR 2013, 75/324/EEC) mandates that aerosol dispensers and small receptacles containing compressed gas (gas cartridges) must pass a leak-proof test before they are transported. Cascade’s CT2211 leak detection system detects and rejects leaking aerosol cans up to a rate of 500 cans per minute. The system is contactless, ensuring minimal product damage or contamination. With the increasing number of safety and quality standards required, Cascade’s CT2211 will ensure current and future regulatory compliance.

T56 Clarity® II Turbidimeter T56 Clarity® II Turbidimeter

The T56 Clarity II™ turbidimeter system is intended for the determination of turbidity in water. Low stray light, high stability, efficient bubble rejection, and a display resolution of 0.001 NTU make Clarity II™ ideal for monitoring the turbidity of filtered drinking water.

Millennium SIR100 Infrared LEL Gas Detector Millennium SIR100 Infrared LEL Gas Detector

The SIR1100 Infrared Combustible gas detector uses the latest in optical infrared sensor technology. There are no mirrors to be fogged, fouled, misaligned, cleaned, or heated for de-fogging. A duct-mount configuration is also available.

Ozone Disinfection: 499AOZ Dissolved Ozone Sensor Ozone Disinfection: 499AOZ Dissolved Ozone Sensor

The 499AOZ sensor is intended for the continuous determination of dissolved ozone. The primary application is ozonation basins in municipal water filter plants. Ozone is also used as a disinfectant in bottling and food processing plants.

56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer 56 Advanced Dual-Input Analyzer

The Smart Way to pH
56 Advanced Input Analyzer - Click here for an informative article on Smart pH!

Water Quality Monitoring: Multiparameter Water Quality System Water Quality Monitoring: Multiparameter Water Quality System
The Multiparameter Water Quality System provides one of the most efficient solutions for the continuous on-line measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, free chlorine, total chlorine, monochloramine, and oxygen
6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter

The 6888 in situ O2 transmitter provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process.

M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter M2B Single Channel Universal Transmitter

Net Safety’s Millennium II BASIC (M2B) universal transmitter is a robust and reliable safety solution delivering highly accurate monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. Utilizing our state of-the-art sensor technology, it provides a flexible detection platform that includes all the advanced features users in the field demand with complete ease-of-use and operation.

pH: 3500 PERpH-X High Performance pH Sensor pH: 3500 PERpH-X High Performance pH Sensor

The 3500 and 3500VP are the foundation of the Rosemount Analytical PERpH-X™ high performance pH sensor offering. The 3500 sensors incorporate several design innovations that prolong the life of the sensor in difficult applications

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Rosemount Analytical, one of Emerson’s leading process management companies, is the world’s premier supplier of technologies for liquid and combustion analysis, process analysis, gas measurement, and emissions monitoring. With an 80-year legacy of manufacturing liquid and gas analytical products that have revolutionized the process industries, we continue to provide real, quantifiable analytical solutions.

For the water and wastewater industry, we offer products that improve operations in many types of plant configurations and assist with monitoring for regulation compliance.

A typical drinking water plants treat water in multiple stages and at each one, liquid analytical can help: from monitoring ozone and chlorine for disinfection to turbidity measurement for reporting purposes and indicating filter performance. Addition of chemicals can be controlled by monitoring the pH level to reduce cost and eliminate waste.

From the plant to the distribution system, and on to wastewater processing, count on Rosemount sensors and analyzers to provide a solution. Wastewater treatment also depends on liquid analytical measurements to monitor the physical, chemical and biological treatment processes. The chief measurements are: pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, chlorination and dechlorination.

Because so much is at stake, you need a partner that can deliver the best in knowledge and systems and do it quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively. The professionals at Rosemount Analytical are ready to apply their decades of experience to provide a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Rosemount Analytical is part of Emerson Process Management. Emerson Process Management, an Emerson business, is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution in the life sciences, chemical, oil and gas, refining, pulp and paper, power, food and beverage, and other industries.


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