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As a worldwide network of water treatment equipment providers and manufacturers, we offer a unique integration of our expert companies for the municipal, industrial and leisure markets.

INNODRY® 2E   METEOR® IFAS / MBBR Process   Dehydris Twist Sludge Press Video
INNODRY® 2E   METEOR® IFAS / MBBR Process   Dehydris Twist Sludge Press Video



Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying Heliantis™ Solar Sludge Drying

Heliantis Technology:
Heliantis™  transforms any type of dewatered sludge (15% minimum dry content) into a dry, granulated product with a dry-solids content that can be adjusted within a range of 35% to 85%. Using the sun as the main energy source, the sludge is dried in a greenhouse and a scarifiying machine turns over and breaks up the sludge into carbon-neutral and odorless granules, for eventual agricultural reuse or thermal energy production using co-incineration.

TECON Biogas Storage System TECON Biogas Storage System

The TECON Double Membrane Gasholder is used for any application that needs gas storage such as municipal wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestion, landfills with biogas usage, industrial wastewater treatment plants, agricultural energy recovery facilities, etc.

Cleargreen™ Cleargreen™

Cleargreen™ (for Cyclic Low Energy Ammonium Removal) augments anaerobic treatment of biosolids (biological, primary, co-digestion) by removing the nitrogen overload. Deammonification allows the treatment of concentrated ammonia generated by anaerobic digestion of sludge in the side stream of the plant– limiting the impact of digestion on the main water treatment line.

Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack System Smartrack™ MF/UF Rack System

Smartrack™ is the only universal rack for high-purity water production with interchangeable ultrafiltration modules capable of varied dimensions as well as different connections.

Ferazur®/Mangazur®/Nitrazur™ Ferazur®/Mangazur®/Nitrazur™

Ferazur®/Mangazur®/Nitrazur™ is a biological filtration process for the removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, ammonia and nitrates from ground water sources.

iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System

The iBIO® Biological Wastewater Treatment System integrates biological reactors with Degremont clarifiers and sludge thickeners to treat effluent from a FGD physical/chemical wastewater treatment system for the removal of nitrates, heavy metals, ammonia, and biochemically oxidizable organics measured as the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).


Thermal drying is one of several methods that can be used to reduce the volume and improve the quality of wastewater biosolids.

Dehydris™ Twist Dehydris™ Twist

Based on proven Bucher Unipektin piston press technology (with more than 2,000 food industry references), Dehydris™ Twist represents one of the most innovative and efficient systems in the dewatering market.

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Degremont Technologies is the Equipment Business Line Division of Degrémont, S.A., the international water treatment plant specialist, and a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a key player in the field of sustainable development. Degrémont is the water treatment specialist within SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT.

SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, a GDF SUEZ business line, provides equipment and services that protect the environment and deliver the essentials of life. Its activities include drinking water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and waste treatment and recovery. Backed by its experience in the water and waste cycles, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has a wide-ranging portfolio of know-how providing a sustainable solution to the requirements of local authorities and businesses.

Degrémont Technologies is a unification of six North American and European brands:


Infilco, based in Virginia (U.S.), provides end-to-end solutions in four primary business sectors: drinking water, industrial water, wastewater and sludge treatment by specializing in technologies such as high-rate clarification, filtration, biological treatment, headworks and high-temperature fluid bed incineration.
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Anderson Water Systems, based in Canada, specializes in industrial process water treatment systems focused in technologies such as packed bed deminerization, electrodeionization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, degasification, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration.
More about Anderson Water Systems >>
Aquasource, based in France, specializes in ultrafiltration membranes and standardized clarification/disinfection technology. Aquasource is the pioneer of Ultrafiltration applied to drinking water and is constantly improving its water treatment systems.
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Degremont Technologies – Innoplana, based in Switzerland, specializes in sludge treatment technologies offering solutions for sludge thickening, dewatering, drying and incineration.
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With a global presence, Ozonia is regarded as the world leader specializing in ozone generation and ultraviolet (UV) technology for industrial and municipal water treatment.
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Triogen, based in Scotland, specializes in ultraviolet (UV) and ozone disinfection for industrial, commercial and residential applications.
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Smartrack™ For Ultrafiltration Modules

Super Clear: The 'No Brainer' Choice For Clarifier And Ozone Upgrades

When the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority in Wilmington, NC, needed to expand its facility to accommodate population growth and environmental regulations, they turned to Infilco Degremont -- based on the company's proven track record at the authority and its understanding of the current and future needs for the facility. Those needs included a move from conventional sedimentation basins to Degremont's Superpulsator Clarifiers, as well as an upgraded Ozonia ozone system for biological filtration.

The Biological Cure For Contaminants And Capacity

Every drinking water system is part of the community it serves, but not quite like Waterford Township, MI, where treatment plants sit side-by-side with homes. The unique, decentralized system utilizes 13 separate treatment plants to clean the local, iron-rich well water. Due to “explosive growth,” the municipality needed to bolster the water supply with more wells, but had zero room for plant expansion. How do you treat more water in the same space?