Newsletter | March 19, 2014

03.19.14 -- Zero Liquid Discharge System; Brine Collection; Filtration; Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

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  Greenleaf® Filter Systems use low-maintenance siphon technology to control the operation of multiple granular media gravity filters. Our unique design eliminates bulky piping, valves, and complex instrumentation, delivering low-cost, trouble-free performance proven in hundreds of installations.

Main Advantages:
• Smaller footprint: up to 30 percent less space versus conventional filter layouts
• Centralized flow splitting and backwash using simple hydraulics
• Self-backwashing for energy savings
• Customizable media and underdrain type
• Customizable backwash procedures and filtration rates

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Industrial Water And Wastewater Product Guide
PEAK-WTS Water Treatment/Disinfection System PEAK-WTS Water Treatment/Disinfection System
Peak-WTS water treatment systems are easily integrated into smaller municipal, commercial, industrial, and food and beverage facilities and feature standard water, power, and TCP/IP facility connections.
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Pinnacle Ozone
Bryneer Brine System Bryneer Brine System
Experience easy clean-out for sludge and hassle-free brine collection.
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Plas-Tanks Industries, Inc.
Hydrex Water Treatment Chemicals Hydrex Water Treatment Chemicals
The HYDREX range includes both organic and inorganic chemicals formulated to meet the specifications of customers in the industrial and municipal sectors including effluent and sludge treatment.
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Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
TITAN MBR Treatment System TITAN MBR Treatment System
The pre-engineered TITAN MBR wastewater treatment system provides end users with high-quality treatment performance, minimal operational requirements, and a robust design that will stand the test of time.
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Smith & Loveless, Inc.
AMI pH-Redox On-Line Analyzer AMI pH-Redox On-Line Analyzer
Monitor for continuous measurement of pH or redox (ORP) in potable water and effluents with combined or separated sensors with reference electrodes for various sampling conditions.
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Swan Analytical USA
Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer
Ecosorb products use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. Highly versatile and proven effective, Ecosorb odor-control products offer a complete solution, eliminating the need for multiple solutions.
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OMI Industries
Centrifugal Blower Centrifugal Blower
Atlas Copco’s ZB 300-900 single-stage, integrally geared centrifugal blowers offer an innovative energy-saving design for increased efficiency at maximum flow.
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Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique
Produced Water Filtration: Spectrum Plus Filtration Produced Water Filtration: Spectrum Plus Filtration
Spectrum Plus Filtration is a nutshell filter that has the unique ability to remove oil and suspended solids to much lower levels than can be achieved by conventional nutshell media filters.
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Eco-Tec Inc.
AquaOnDemand Web Store AquaOnDemand Web Store
Whether you build, operate, or maintain municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities, the AquaOnDemand Web Store is built to service your product and information needs.
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Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
SewerGard 210 For Ultra-Corrosive, Industrial Wastewater Environments SewerGard 210 For Ultra-Corrosive, Industrial Wastewater Environments
Sauereisen SewerGard Industrial No. 210 is a novolac epoxy that is specifically formulated for industrial wastewater environments where plants and refineries treat contaminated water before it is sent to a municipal wastewater treatment plant.
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Sauereisen, Inc.
The modular RIO has disinfection chemistry output that can be easily expanded 5X within the same small footprint by adding more cells to the cabinet.
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MIOX Corporation
5000b pH Control And Monitoring System 5000b pH Control And Monitoring System
This is a self-contained pH control and monitoring system that uses CO2 gas to neutralize high-pH process water and lower total suspended solids in process water produced at ready-mix concrete plants.
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Fortrans, Inc.
Scienco SciCHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Scienco SciCHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite Generator
SCIENCO SciCHLOR Sodium Hypochlorite Generator is a fully integrated, simple, and compactly designed system. The SciCHLOR system with SciCELL technology uses a recirculating method to produce 0.8 percent strength sodium hypochlorite solution in 10 lb (4.5 kg), 20 lb (9 kg), 40 lb (18 kg), and 60 lb (27 kg) NaClO/day sizes.
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Bio-Microbics, Inc.
ETS-UV For Food And Beverage Process Water ETS-UV For Food And Beverage Process Water
A wide range of UV disinfection treatments allows manufacturers to gain complete control over potential contaminants such as bacteria, molds, yeasts, and algae.
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Engineered Treatment Systems / ETS-UV
Intakes Intakes
Bilfinger Water Technologies offers a wide variety of bar screens and screening machine integration for where high-grade power units such as condensers and pumps require reliable protection against foreign objects.
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Bilfinger Water Technologies
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System
Infilco Degremont's Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System integrates water, wastewater, and chemical management programs within a power plant. All wastewater streams are incorporated, essentially "closing the loop."
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Degremont Technologies
Auger Monster Modular Headworks System Auger Monster Modular Headworks System
The Auger Monster is a robust and affordable wastewater screen that combines three of JWC’s finest technologies — a grinder, a fine screen, and a compactor. It removes trash and unwanted solids, so the treatment plant runs more efficiently for operators and managers.
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JWC Environmental
Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration: Electromedia VII Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration: Electromedia VII
Electromedia VII is a unique, permanent media filtration system formulated for the filtration of cooling tower water at slightly elevated temperatures operating at near calcium carbonate saturation.
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Filtronics, Inc.
YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT
Powerful yet simple, the YSI IQ SensorNet 2020 XT is a modular water quality system for complete process control designed for wastewater. The 2020 XT network can accept additional sensors easily at any time and grow as your facility grows.
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YSI, a Xylem brand
IFU: Internally Fed Unitary IFU: Internally Fed Unitary
The IFU series of internally fed rotary screens have cylindrical drums mounted horizontally on four shaft-mounted wheels and a compact uni-frame screen that can be applied to effluents containing moderate to low solids loadings.
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