Brochure | May 1, 2013

Xtream™ Ultrafiltration Brochure

Source: Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
Xtream Ultrafiltration Brochure

The Kruger Xtream™ Ultrafiltration (UF) system provides a modular, compact solution for efficiently producing drinking water and treating wastewater. With over 746 million gallons per day (MGD) globally installed, the unique DOW™ UF membrane is very durable and less prone to breakage than single-skin membranes. The hollow fiber has a dense layer, or skin, on both the inside and outside surfaces, forming a double-walled structure that contributes to its strength. In addition, its fouling resistance is improved by making the membrane surface more hydrophilic than the underlying PVDF polymer. With uniform pore size and outside-in flow, the DOW UFmembrane creates a barrier without sacrificing performance.

Quality requirements for potable water are becoming increasingly stringent throughout the world. The allowable levels for turbidity and microbiology are being lowered, and new limits are being established for viruses and chlorine resistant organisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Effluent concentration for organic compounds are also becoming more stringent to prevent disinfection byproducts (DBPs), which are potential carcinogens. Enhanced coagulation can be used to specifically target such organics.

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