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Stormwater; xpstorm provides an intuitive stormwater design program aimed at everyday stormwater design analysis and planning requirements

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What’s New in xpstorm v2010?

XP Solutions' xpertcare program for xpstorm provides quarterly releases for current subscribers. Each year XP Solutions releases a major upgrade, which is then followed by 2-3 updates that are applicable to that year’s upgrade in the form of Service Packs.

Version 2010 has exciting enhancements for 1D users and 2D users, and includes a new regional software addition for Southwest U.S. users. In addition to a full maintenance list, users can expect to receive the following enhancements:

  • Faster! Faster! xpstorm is now faster! Runtimes have increased in speed by up to 80%.
  • Dynamic Long Section Views are now enhanced. View profile views and animation of your model in conjunction with xptable views. Dual Drainage (ability to model storage or flow in the street in parallel with underground systems) now also appears in DLS View.
  • xp2D users now have an enhanced ability to accurately model shapes for additional terrain manipulation, Elevations for situations like Dam Break and Fence Collapse, and Initial Water Level boundaries to model ponds and lakes. 2D Scenario Management is now supportted with active/inactive layer management.

    You will also be able to directly load your 2D results and view them for use in comparing different models and scenarios.

  • View your Digital Terrain Model with Contour labels, in addition to the previous color coding and view options.
  • The allowable number of points to describe a pump curve has been increased.
  • Catchment Redirection allows you to route flow directly to the node without runoff routing. (Additional checks were implemented and the ability to cascade multiple redirections.)

Why Use xpstorm?

Accuracy. Engineers make crucial decisions on behalf of their companies, clients and constituents. In order to make these decisions, they rely on modeling software to provide results as close to real-life as possible. The following are features in xpstorm that work together to provide accurate modeling results:

  • Dynamic Analysis. Xpstorm solves the full St. Venant Dynamic equations, which provide results far more accurate and closer to real life than a steady state model. Dynamic models allow the effects of storage and backwater in conduits and floodplains and the timing of the hydrographs to yield a true representation of the HGL at any point in space and time.
  • Holistic Modeling Approach. Engineers realize now more than ever that changes in one point of a system affect the entire system. For example, changes in a residential development or urban neighborhood can impact a natural channel upstream and downstream. xpstorm allows you to model an entire system – including natural channels, closed underground systems, ponds, pumps, culverts and more – in a single model.
  • xp2D for modeling Overland Flow. Many products on the market provide the ability to model water quantity through a defined system from a point upstream to a point downstream. xpstorm can combine dynamic 1D analysis with a 2-Dimensional overland flow engine to more accurately model water interaction between surface water and underground systems and natural channels.
  • Variable Elements. Model the reality of your system in xpstorm. Incorporate true terrain to accurately calculate time dependent storage volume. Design for full, partial flow, pressure flow (minimum allowable freeboard), minimum cover, multiple barrels and the ability to select from a list of available pipes sizes and shapes.
  • EPA Tested, FEMA Approved. Xpstorm is approved by US Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) under multiple categories and results are now accepted for steady state, unsteady state, hydraulic or hydrological applications.
  • Subsurface Hydrology - account for perched water tables and limited soil storage using groundwater options. Calculated groundwater flows can be used for base flow generation to rivers and dry weather infiltration to sanitary sewer systems.

Efficiency. Your time is worth money. xpstorm provides you with tools that help make the best use of your modeling time.

  • GIS Integration. Time spent doing more menial tasks like data entry can eat up your project budget. xpstorm’s GIS data linking abilities will save you significant time building your models. Do you have existing system data in a database? With xpstorm’s easy wizard, you can link your modeling software to almost any GIS system to import data, build your model, and even update your database with missing information or model results. And since xpstorm is an independent, standalone system, you have the versatility to work with data in any ODBC or OLE compliant database.
  • Scenario Manager. Examine “what if” scenarios within a single project without the need of adding redundant data. Compare model results graphically and in tables for various scenarios. A specialized scenario management tool exists also for simulating multiple storms in a single run.
  • Digital Terrain Model add-on module. Use survey data or import information to create a digital terrain in your xpstorm model. With a mere click and drag of your mouse, you can create cross sections of open channels. Also use your terrain to find node elevations and more easily design your network.

Versatility of results. The bottom line for your clients is the design or analysis results that you submit to them. xpstorm offers unparalleled visual and tabular of model results:

  • Full Results .txt document. View all model data and results in a complete and comprehensive text file.
  • xptables. This user-defined tabular report option is a favorite of XP Solutions users. It allows the easy manipulation of data (copy and paste from external tables) and multiple display options (change the font, text direction and overall look of the table).
  • Profile / Cross Section views with animation. At any timestep in your model run, you can see a cross section and profile view of your model (in conjunction with the tabular view) along with water levels, maximum HGL and flooding areas. You can also watch an animation of flow as time progresses.
  • Plan View with 2D depths and flooding animation. View your entire network, terrain contours, flooding extents and color-coded water depths in one view. Watch color-coded water fill channels, streets and floodplains in real-time animations.
  • xpviewer Encryptor and Free Reader. XP Solutions created this tool for model reviewing engineers and agencies who wish to view models without making the investment in the software. Users of xpstorm can add the ability to encrypt their models so that their clients can review the models with the free Reader.

Localization. Does your region require local hydrologic or hydraulic methods be used in collection system models?

  • 15 hydrologic methods. Choose SWMM Runoff, SCS, Clark, Laurenson, Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph, Rational Method, Sacramento methods, Los Angeles County Hydrology, Colorado Urban Hydrograph, and others, or import your own hydrograph.
  • EPA SWMM5 add-on module. Choose this engine as a solution option. Import and Export to SWMM5 format.
  • Helpful Templates. Customize the software such as the model’s defaults, parameter precision and create and use templates. Many sample templates are provided that contain common data used for typical modeling applications or typical data for a municipality/regions.
  • Customized Features. XP Solutions has worked with municipalities to incorporate their tools and methodologies, such as the WSPG addition to xpstorm. Contact us if we can work for you in this way.

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