Article | March 20, 2013

Why Pilot Test Prior To Purchasing A Water Treatment System?

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Pilot Test

There are a number of advanced water treatment tools available today that were not available 10 years ago, which broaden the approach to finding the most effective and least expensive treatment alternatives. Pilot testing of various technologies is the most beneficial method to determine the efficiency of treatments. Media filtration and membrane filtration now have some shared areas of applications. Picking the proper application is often determined by various existing water quality issues, equipment costs, and most importantly, on-going operation, maintenance costs and ease of operation.

The starting point for all applications is to have a thorough understanding of the existing water quality and treatment objective goals. Full general mineral analysis for inorganic and a complete scan of organic contaminants for herbicide, pesticides, and radionuclides is required for understanding where the problem areas may lie. For municipal applications, the regulatory limits for treatment options and testing requirements must be thoroughly understood at the beginning of the analysis.

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