Brochure | May 11, 2011

WEDECO Quadron™ UV System By Xylem

Source: WEDECO -- A Xylem Brand
WEDECO Quadron™ UV System by Xylem

The WEDECO Quadron™ system is the ideal solution whenever the space available for installing a UV disinfection system is at a premium.

With a reactor length of just 47.24” (1,200 millimeters) and a maximum flowrate of 26 MGD (4,100 m³/h), this UV system offers tremendous flexibility and capability for water treatment plants large and small.

The unique shape, in conjunction with the patented OptiCone™ flow diverter at the inlet, guarantees excellent flow conditions at every installation situation. Even with a close coupled 90 degree bend, the OptiCone™ still ensures even flow distribution without turbulence or cavitation.

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