Podcast | August 14, 2014

Water-Energy Nexus Data Drives Operational Efficiency


When a water manager wants to optimize energy use as part of their operational plan, it helps to have the right software systems in place. Once you do, the big question is how to utilize it to get the most out of the relationship between power and water.

As Mark Miller, Director of Water Industry for Schneider Electric explains in this Water Online Radio interview, 30 to 40 percent of a city’s energy use is spent on the production and distribution of water. And 40% of the electricity cost is in water usage.

“A lot of what we do is talk about modernization,” explains Miller. “Modernization in itself saves money. That saving of money can then be applied to other areas where we can save money.”

By capturing data and then interpreting it, water managers are able to make more informed decisions about how to use their money and resources as they plan into the future.

To hear more about Schneider Electric’s integrated security system and the recent acquisition of Invensys, click on the radio player below:

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