Brochure | August 27, 2012

Water and Wastewater Secure Power Solutions Brochure

Source: Schneider Electric

Water is a vital need and a precious resource. With today’s steadily growing populations, water and wastewater facilities have a crucial role in every community. They must simultaneously protect the environment, keep waterborne diseases in check, and provide water suitable for industrial and human consumption. In addition, they also must keep rates low, adapt and comply with changing regulations, and operate on a restricted budget.

As a water or wastewater facility, one of the most significant challenges you face is the unpredictable cost of energy, especially in the form of electricity. Energy is typically second only to staff in water or wastewater facility expenses, and can represent up to 60% or more of your total operating costs.

Reliable power availability is the key to maintaining the flow of clean, safe drinking water that your community relies on, while achieving considerable energy savings as well as your operational goals.

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