VTScada Idea Studio™

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Optional VTScada Component - Familiar ribbon-based interface that helps you get started in creating high-impact displays in minutes.

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Instantly Intuitive Graphic Development
The new VTScada Idea Studio™ is a familiar ribbon-based interface that helps you get started in creating high-impact displays in minutes. Drag-and-drop a wide variety of tag animations, meters, buttons, switches, symbols and images. Draw 3D pipes with just a few clicks. New selection and alignment tools make it easy to keep your displays looking sharp and professional.

Get Started In Just Minutes

Familiar ribbon interface - The context-sensitive toolbar can be completely customized to put elements right where you want them.

Develop tags the way you want - If you like to lay out graphics first and create tags later, you can. If you'd rather start with tags, you can do that too. Search and replace any tag referenced by a page.

Over 200 New Graphic ‘Widgets’ - It's a snap to represent your system values as photorealistic meters, switches, buttons, and animations.

Extensive Graphic Library - Includes over 4,500 industry-specific images, symbols, polygons, and data-driven animations. Import BMP, JPG, WMF, and EMF formats by dragging them from your desktop.

Photo Realistic Background Tiles - Create a consistent look and divide pages into areas of interest. Drag on and resize over 100 patterns.

Lighting Overlay Tiles - Add depth to your pages and help direct the focus of operators.

Style Settings Tags - Create consistent display conventions for groups of Widgets (e.g., red for "off" and green for "on"; or vice-versa).

Automatic Alignment - Snap points effortlessly align and space your graphic elements so you don't have to.

Simple Pipe Drawing - Draw striking 3D pipes with just a few points and clicks. Animate pipe color based on calculations or tag values.

True Color SCADA - To help create vibrant looking displays and reports, VTScada now supports 24-bit/32-bit ‘true color’. Use the color selector to pick from more than 16 million colors. Script functions also support true color graphics.

Real-Time Configuration - Create, edit, and validate displays with real data without switching to a separate development application. When satisfied, push applied changes to all networked servers without system interruption.
Build Once, View Anywhere - Zoom in while editing. Build displays for multiple monitor resolutions. Displays can be full-screen or pop-up windows. Configure dual or quad monitors on compatible computers. The VTScada Mobile Internet Client also displays full graphics.

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