Q&A | February 5, 2013

Views From The Top: ‘Revolutionary' Filtration Put To The Test

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A Q&A with Mike Dejak, Executive VP, Eco-Tec Inc.

By Kevin Westerling, Editor

There are many cool aspects of my job, not the least of which is learning — and sometimes even breaking news — about the latest technologies in water and wastewater. When I heard from Mike Dejak, executive VP of Eco-Tec, that the company’s new technology could “revolutionize filtration” for the produced water market, I was anxious to learn more about it. However, I was also duty-bound to you, the reader, to investigate the validity of such claims. The inquiry is the latest entry to our Views From The Top Q&A series.

Dejak has a long history in the business, having spent his last 37 years with Eco-Tec working in technology development, design, sales, and service of industrial filtration and ion exchange systems.

I asked Dejak about the industry indicators that suggested a need for Eco-Tec’s new product, the details of its operation, and proof of performance and value. Read on to learn the answers.

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