Brochure | May 10, 2012

TurboWash™ Screenings Washer Brochure

Source: Headworks International Inc.

Washing of screenings material has become more important than ever with tightened environmental regulations, landfill regulations, etc., which require the deposit of screenings to be clean of biodegradable material. Though many different systems have been developed to handle this challenge, Headworks proudly presents the most efficient, lowmaintenance solution in the marketplace. Proven technology for over 15 years in many installations worldwide, the patented agitator TurboWash™ system is a simple and versatile add-on for any screen and screenings handling installation.

The simple principle is an agitator that creates a highly turbulent mixing regiment zone in a channel or tank (similar to the water around a propeller on a motor boat). The TurboWash immediately precedes the screening equipment which can include a spiral screen or any other type of screen. Wastewater enters the agitation zone and is heavily mixed. The turbulent zone of influence created by the TurboWash agitator loosens and emulsifies the organic BOD material attached to the screenings allowing the soluble and fine particulate BOD material to pass through the screen openings. Additionally, the screenings device intermittently runs backward thus pushing retained solids back into the turbulent zones, exposing them to further turbulent actions in order to dislodge the biological particles. This patented repeating (backwards/ forwards) action is executed in a regular cycle.

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